The Pros and Cons of Using Automobiles

The creation of the automobile is such a wonderful thing. Everyone is able to get from one place to another in timely fashion. Yet, there are other things that people do not think about regarding these inventions. Of course, the automobile was deemed very popular in the 20th century, but this invention has its costs to mankind, as well. Cars and other automobiles have been able to take care good care of us, but at the same time, they are really one the main contributors of the climate change and air pollution all over the world. In addition, they can be very dangerous when not being handled in a precise manner.

Advantages of the Automobile

Of course, there are many advantages that the automobile provide for us. You need to think about what we would be doing in order to get from one place to another. In the older days (19th century and before), people traveled from one place to another by train or horseback. These were the days that people did not know anything about the automobile. Now, the automobile exists, and it does so much for us. We can travel from one side of the country to the other in just a matter of days by using an automobile. Before the automobile was invented, it was very difficult to do such a thing. You would need roughly half a dozen horses in order to travel from one side of the country to the other. That does not include the many rest stops that you would need in order to get to your final destination without getting badly hurt. Also, the automobile allows our products to get to a certain location, so our businesses can keep on prospering. Yes, there are certainly many advantages in having automobiles.

Many Disadvantages of the Automobile

Yes, even thought there are advantages of the automobile, there tend to be many more disadvantages. The automobile used to be the ideal way to get around, and it still is the ideal to get around. Still, there are many things that can make this invention look very unpleasant. You should take in the factor that much danger comes from one of these torque-grinded inventions. If the vehicle is not operated like it should be, a wreck or other kind of accident can occur, and people can lose their lives from such a catastrophe. Many thousands of people lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents. Actually, in 2009, over 33,000 people lost their lives due to motor vehicle accidents. This is definitely not good and is a strong disadvantage of the automobile.

Another disadvantage of the automobile is the hazards that plague the sky and clouds. Like an industrial plant, automobiles shoot out a bunch of toxic smog that has been terrifying the atmosphere and ozone layers. If you think about it, our planet will be much better without having to deal with cities full of smog. Very busy cities have so many automobiles under operation, and our ozone layer is only getting worse. Nonetheless, people have put their minds together to come up with a solution to the hazardous smog buildup created by exhaust fumes. The solution is the hybrid automobile.

Possible Solution- The Hybrid Car

Some people do not know if there will ever be a proper solution to the smog created by an automobile's exhaust fumes. It seems like people have put their heads together to come up with a possible solution to this certain polluted problem. Hybrid cars have been invented, and it seems that they have the answers to some of our pollution issues. There is one very huge problem with the hybrid car. These hybrid cars' engines are much more expensive than the original type of motor and engine. So, many people may not be able to afford such environment-friendly automobiles. Still, this just may be the solution to the problem that we have with pollution.